A game about Unicorns

What is this?

A game about Unicorns.
A game designed by the internet.

Horns of Fury started life with just a single Unicorn flying around an empty red screen. There was no purpose, no story, no reason. Everything that has been added to the game since then has been based on suggestions from the audience.

So far it's taking shape as a 2D Shoot 'Em Up style adventure with mythological creatures, lazers and rainbows.

What a time to be alive.

Who is making this game?

I've always found it challenging to divide my free time between creating stories, artwork, music and videos.

Fortunately, Video Games are the combination of all of these creative outlets but with the added bonus of being interactive.

Basically, Video Games are the Pizza of the Art World... and I LOVE pizza.
Oliver Age 24


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As the game is entirely built around community suggestions, this weekly YouTube series openly documents all development progress and provides a constant platform for you to help shape the future of the game.

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